Words by Jill: California, Scott, and Zelda

Love letters to California, Scott, and Zelda

I wrote about 2000 words today, and read even more.

While researching for an article, I added a new destination to my bucket list: Imperial County, California. I read that's where the wind blows the sand into waves that are 300 feet tall, where the shoreline of an inland sea folds inward a little more each year, and where travellers create art from treasures they find on their journey. I read that one man lived entirely off the grid for 3 decades in that same corner of the desert. He built a 50 foot mound out of local adobe clay, painted it with messages from another world and stayed with his technicoloured legacy until dementia forced his body to rejoin society.

I can't go see that place for myself just yet, so I'll settle for an hour or so with my books before bed.

I'm working through love letters now: Dear Scott, Dearest Zelda. Love, jealousy, art, alcohol, mental illness (and a lot of drama). It's interesting to sort through the thoughts of others that weren't meant for our eyes in the first place.

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