I write stories

Stories spread a message, share a moment, gather a crowd. When told well, they inspire. They leave a distinct feeling in a room—an energy that people recognize as yours, but can’t be defined as anything other than authentic.

When businesses share their stories, they create the foundations for meaningful connections—lifelong relationships rooted in shared values.

One thing I know:

You can’t capture an audience without a strong voice.


Your story grows here

Everyone has a story to tell, but maybe not the means to tell it.

I combine creative storytelling and marketing strategies to encourage communication between businesses determined to make an impact and their communities. I infuse personality into your brand. I draw from your values and vision to craft a custom voice that aligns with your mission.

I write web copy that keeps clients clicking, blogs that build trust, and social content that connects.

I help you refine your voice.


Here's a few ways I can help:

  • Business storytelling

    • Website content

    • Custom brand voice

  • Business communications

  • Print marketing materials

  • Public relations materials

  • Blog content creation

  • Brand audit/consultation

  • Digital marketing strategy

  • Social media management

  • Social media content creation

  • Web + brand design by LJ Media House


Think we might be a good fit?

I appreciate a challenge and love an adventure. I live creatively and search for connection. I collaborate with brands rooted in similar values.


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Anyone can drone on about a business in “corporate speak,” but it takes a skillful writer to be able to tell a brand story so that it bristles with personality, captures attention and leads readers to act. Jillian not only has a way with words, but the smarts to inject life and personality into every page she writes. Jillian has written a number of website landing pages and blog posts for Jewels on Ninth, a Jewellery store in Cranbrook BC. Her words have helped the Jewels on Ninth website take over the top spot in Google search in Cranbrook, triple the page views in six months while providing solid leads and sales for the retail store.
— Kerry Shellborn, Branding Geek

I inquire, engage, and listen between breaths. I weave the answers I find into narratives carefully crafted for your audience.

I help you refine your voice.

Working with Jill was a leap for my business into the world of copywriting and content development. I own a small, creative event planning company in Austin, TX. I had past corporate experience working with copywriters, so I knew the value of working with someone who thought of words more strategically and concisely than I am able. After three years in business, I decided to finally invest in some professional help to develop my customer journey.

From the start, I was impressed with Jill’s organization and process, and she also demonstrated a lot of adaptability in voice and style. My first impressions were not wrong; Jill continued to be a top-notch professional. She asked purposeful questions and listened intently to learn the spirit of my company, and I even felt like I learned things about my own company that I had not thought of before. The entire process felt custom and personal.

By the end of our conversations, I had full confidence that the product would be excellent, but I was surprised that she was so easy and kind to work with that I also thought of Jill, (a copywriter from Canada) as a friend (with me, a girl boss in Texas). Jill bridged geography, industry, and words to create a story that mattered to my clients and prospective clients.

If you are a creative small business standing on the edge deciding whether or not to take the leap, take my advice and jump.
— Sydney Campbell, Olive & Belle Events
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