What does a copywriter do, anyway?

A good copywriter helps you share your story.

I specialize in business storytelling. I love to work with creative business owners to define, strategize, and share their message through content marketing. Together we can craft your custom brand voice and messaging that focuses on your unique selling proposition. What makes you different? I help you figure that out.

I write your evergreen website content, your blog posts, your marketing materials complete with headlines that catch your ideal audience at first scroll.

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So you want to hire a copywriter?

Good for you!

You recognize the need for engaging copy. These days, it's all about content.

If you are looking for a website copywriter, you've come to the right place. I write content that tells your unique brand story and guides your ideal customer through the buying process.

If you are looking for a blogger, you probably know that you need to produce valuable content at the same speed as your competition. As a business owner, you don't have the time to dedicate to content creation. Rather than producing mediocre content without a plan, you want to hire a copywriter to structure, create, and maintain your content calendar.

Are you interested?


Let's schedule a discovery call.

Send me a message to tell me a little bit about your project. I will respond to your email to set up a time to chat.

This Discovery Call is a complimentary service so we can both get an idea of how the other works. We will talk about your project needs and timeline. Essentially, you will tell me what the storyteller of your dreams will work and write like. We will also go over my available packages and process.

*One-time projects are scheduled with wait time of 4 weeks after signing. Minimum purchase required.
*Ongoing monthly content creation contracts are subject to availability.


It’s a match made in heaven!

I’m sorry—I’m a sucker for clichés.

If it’s a fit, let’s get started! My work usually starts with research and gathering the information I need from you. Next, I set to writing your first draft. We will agree on a timeline for your project and I will deliver the first draft according to schedule. You review, and get the chance to bounce ideas back my way.


The crowd goes wild!

After your review, I head back to my desk to pen out your requests. Although my packages include two reviews, it’s rare that a draft needs a second edit. You tell me how much you love the finished product, and we call it a job well done.


What are you waiting for?


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