5 Easy ways to improve your copywriting

How to improve your copywriting for your business

Maybe you’re just starting out and aren’t ready to outsource. Or maybe you don’t want to wait in line to hire a copywriter—you’d rather know how to do it yourself, so you can make things happen at a moment’s notice. Both are valid reasons to search out ways to improve your copywriting in your business!

So, how do you upgrade your copy from meh reader reactions to where do I sign!? Let’s dive in.

I totally faked this to-do list for the photo.

I totally faked this to-do list for the photo.

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is essentially sales writing. It’s writing with the goal of encouraging a reader to click purchase. It’s both a science and an art that takes years of practice to master. A combination of writing skills, storytelling finesse, marketing strategy, and an understanding of buyer psychology come together in the role of a copywriter. Plus, you often need to edit your own work too! I live by my paperback of “The Copyeditor’s Handbook.”

I want you to learn the easiest tips to make it on your own without spending years studying copywriting techniques. Don’t worry! I promise it’s easy when you get the hang of it. With just a few tweaks, you’ll be writing like a trained copywriter in no time.

Here I am very very busy at work.

Here I am very very busy at work.

Easy ways to improve your copywriting for your business…

  1. Use less “I/We” and more “You.

The first thing I tell my clients: Your business copy isn’t actually about you. It’s about your reader. We’re all a little selfish and we like to feel heard, so give the people what they want by balancing a bit heavier on the “You” and less on the “I/We.”

2. Write with your ideal client’s emotions in mind.

Your ideal client doesn’t buy because of the features of your product or service. They buy because of an emotional reaction to the benefits you’ve outlined. Play on their emotions to guide them through the buying process. What are they feeling right now and how much better will they feel after purchasing?

3. Write in a consistent brand voice.

Do the work to set your business apart from the crowd. One way to differentiate is to identify your brand voice and consistently deliver in this voice. Inconsistencies lead to confusion and confused people don’t buy! Confused people click away and forget about you forever.

4. Show your story (don’t tell).

Wait, what? Yes! Storytelling is key, but you want to show, not tell with your words. Everyone has “quality service” and “promises results.” Instead of sounding like everyone else online praising their own work, show your reader what quality service looks like to you. Do you go above and beyond for your clients? How? Drop a few well-placed metaphors or explain a specific client interaction. A well placed testimonial can do the trick here as well.

5. Keep it simple! The 1 rule to remember.

The best way to keep your copy clean and clear is to keep it simple. The 1 rule to remember is to focus on just 1 offer for each piece of content: evergreen copy, sales page, caption, etc. Usually, simple works best.

Want more writing tips?

Read my favourite writing tips or learn how to set the tone in your writing. Then download your free “Launch Copy Checklist” below before clicking publish on any new work. You can thank me later!

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