How to create your brand voice

What’s your brand voice?

Your brand voice is the way you communicate with your audience. It's your business' personality crafted from a strong understanding of your collective values, unique selling proposition, and target avatar.

It's the words you choose. The emotions in your tone. It's everything down to the nitty gritty of your spelling and punctuation.

Why does it matter?

A consistent voice sets the stage for meaningful connections—trusting relationships with your target clients.

How to create your brand voice

How do you create a brand voice?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the core values of your business? Your brand personality should be rooted in your values, mission, and vision.

  • How do you want customers to perceive your business? If you're already operating, ask your audience how they describe your brand, so you can learn what's translating and what's missing the mark.

  • If your business were a person, what would they act like?

Write down all the descriptors that come to mind when considering the above questions. These are the beginnings of your goals for your brand voice. Is your voice funny and quick? Or thoughtful and creative-minded? Do you use slang or industry jargon? Or stick to conversational, colloquial language?

Another aspect to consider: tone. Tone is the emotional inflection of your voice. Your brand needs to empathize with your audience in order to authentically connect. In what instances are specific emotions appropriate? For example, you don't want to crack a joke at your audience's expense.

These are just the basics to consider when crafting your brand voice. I walk my clients through these questions plus a whole lot more to make sure we really nail a personality that resonates with their audience.

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Document your brand voice

After you've determined what your brand voice will sound like, you need to document it in a brand voice and style guide! Why? A brand voice and style guide...

  • Ensures consistency as your business grows. New team members will know how to replicate your brand voice in their work.

  • Ensures completeness of your brand strategy. Are there any areas that need further attention?

  • Improves efficiency: streamline employee onboarding, community management best practices, and project management processes with the help of a brand voice guide.

With each of my brand strategy and copywriting clients, we start by building strong foundations like drafting a brand voice and style guide. This exercise ensures we’re on track creating content moving forward into a project.

Do you have any questions? It’s a conceptual process and can be a lot to take in. Leave your questions or comments below! I’m always happy to help.

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