Words that convert

Incorporate words that sell into your sales copy

Refine your messaging with alternatives to commonly used words

Nothing disappoints me more than sales copy that reads:

“We offer second-to-none quality. Choose from one of our personalized services to get started!”

No, thank you. I won’t be buying this time.

Words that convert are interesting but clear. They are strategically placed to engage your audience, painting the picture of what their life will look like if they purchase your product or service.

As a copywriter, one of the most useful books I’ve ever purchased is Words That Sell by Richard Bayan. It’s full of lists of words to use in different instances, and all these words are meant to encourage emotion or action. After picking this book up the other day, I thought I’d share a few of my favourite words here.

 The strategy behind copywriting for the web

Before diving in though, I want to explain a bit about my writing process when creating copy for business websites.

I start with a strategy. To outline a strategy, we need to know the foundations of the business. What are their goals? What are their mission, vision, and values? Why do they do what they do? Who is their ideal customer? What makes this business unique? Why should their ideal customer pay attention?

We can’t write copy that is engaging for their ideal audience unless we know who their audience is and exactly how they help.

You need to know what your mission is to craft your message. You need to know your target in order to reach them. Then you need to know what makes you unique in order to sell yourself.

Let’s get creative

From there, I brainstorm the creative themes we can weave throughout the copy to make it read less obviously salesy and more like a story. Every business has a story of interest if we figure out just how to tell it.

Copywriting is traditionally assumed to be a little less creative. Men in suits, smoking cigars, sort of like Mad Men. A sales-focused and rigid science.

My approach challenges this norm. I think you catch more flies with honey and it’s less offensive to your customer’s intelligence if you can combine sales and storytelling in a neatly wrapped, cohesive brand voice. Doesn’t that sound nice? At the same time, though, some of the traditionally recognized persuasive words still have a place on my list.

Now, On to the words…

Instead of results

Say: effective, efficient, productive, powerful, produces, delivers, boosts, tackles, rejuvenates

If you’re reliable

Say: authoritative, dependable, faithful, trusted, steady, secure

Instead of self-improvement

Say: self-empowerment, life-enriching, personal growth, wisdom, fulfillment, harmony, limitless opportunities, up level, refine, magnify, refresh, grow

If you want to say sophisticated

Say: polished, refined, elegant, worldly, articulate, eloquent, perceptive

To encourage action

Say: free, discount, no obligation, tell us, let us show you, boost, change your life, save, because

Mixing up the words you use keeps people reading because your copy sounds a little less like everything else out there.

And one last thing – the word “you” is probably the most powerful one to add to your toolbox. Speak directly to your audience if you want them to act.

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