How to use social media mindfully

Connection over comparison

5 tips to use social media mindfully

Social media has it hard sometimes. Lots of people are quick to call it fake, staged, inauthentic. True—it's easy to be fooled when all we see is a highlight reel, but don't we all know this by now? Why are we so quick to judge?

Over the past year of using social media more for my business, I've had to form a few new habits to prevent scrolling from consuming my days. The past couple weeks I have tried to be even more aware of my usage amount, times, and thoughts while double tapping. Being mindful of my scroll makes me feel a little better (and more productive!) at the end of the day.

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If you've been following here for a while, you know I love to share things I've learned. Here's a few tips I've tried and tested before passing on to you. I hope they help!

1. Look through a positive lens

When you start scrolling from positivity, your online experience will feel a lot better. Instead of comparing, look for inspiration and connection. Social media creates friendships. We can learn about people and places that we might never have the chance to see for ourselves, but I think knowing a little is better than not knowing at all.

This photo was most definitely staged. That doesn't mean I'm any less authentic online. It means I like pretty things, creativity, and learning as I go. Each photo and caption is for you because I'm so thankful that @instagram helps one-woman businesses like me grow.

Let's try something: Instead of questioning someone's realness, compliment their work. Thank them for sharing their experience with you. Encourage authentic conversations. Look through a different lens. I can tell you life is a little brighter when you look through one like this.

2. Take a step back if you feel comparison setting in

Resting isn't quitting. Stepping back isn't giving up. Letting feelings of comparison consume you and not knowing when to take a breath won’t do you any good! Despite all the positive aspects of social media, sometimes gets the best of us. Rather than blaming what you see when you scroll, learn when it’s time to take a break.

Take care of yourselves, friends. Even if you have to disconnect for a little while.

3. Cut what doesn’t serve you

I think I’ve repeated this a few times in different aspects of life. It applies to social media too. If the goal is to connect and inspire and create, you shouldn’t follow accounts who make you feel less-than. It's okay to regularly clean up your feed to remove accounts that don't make you feel good anymore. Sometimes content shifts—and not for the better!

4. Add something positive to your online community

One of my fool-proof ways to feel good is to try to make others feel good too. I don’t mean empty your cup before filling your own, but try to leave a little bit of positivity wherever you go! Not loaded compliments, but genuine ones. The more compliments you give other people, the nicer thoughts you will have about yourself. Really, good vibes are contagious! I promise.

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5. Understand there is more

Even if you work online, social media isn’t the only outlet you should focus on. Instagram is great because I can connect with new people who might like my blog. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are all great too. The main focus, however, is my blog and my clients. Instagram isn’t the be-all-end-all, just a tool to create a larger community.

When you take the pressure away from being social, it’s a little easier to perform.

Your turn! You know I like to hear from you. Leave your best mindfulness tips below when it comes to using social media. What works for you? It might work for someone else too!

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