5 Healthy habits to add a little mindfulness to your life

Healthy habits I've formed that might work for you too

Calm is a hot commodity

From what I know, we could all use a little more zen in our hectic lives. I tried to eliminate busy from my vocabulary and replace it with full, but sometimes busy is REAL. Busy days inspired this blog post because they inspired me to search for calm. To search for methods to combat the ever-romanticised #hustle that I too am oh-so guilty of living.


1. Mindful mornings

What does that mean, though? I’ve realized it can be something different for everyone. For me, it’s waking up at least 30 minutes before I want to start working—preferably an entire hour before (or more).

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For those who work traditional jobs, it’s probably easier to press snooze a few times and run out the door without breakfast. When you work from home, it’s just as easy to fall into a 24/7 hustle, if not more so because no one else is around to help you out in a pinch.

My commute is only the 15 stairs that separate my Keurig from my office, so some days it’s tempting to sleep until the last possible second, but this isn’t a sustainable way to live. I’m in it for the long haul here!

Self care includes setting boundaries and allowing yourself space from stresses like work—even if you love your work. I use these few minutes of quiet time to wake up and try to enjoy my coffee before diving into work. The difference a few minutes of mindfulness makes!


2. Be creative (for yourself)

I make a living writing stories for others day in and out. For a while that meant I didn’t write for myself at all. Granted, this blog has forced me to set aside time to write about topics I am passionate about, but even still—I’m writing for you. I share my experiences so hopefully just one thought might resonate with one of you.

Writing for myself, though, means it's for my eyes alone—at least for right now. I put words to a page with no real intention of an audience. This is where I can experiment with ideas and string together sentences that might not mean anything or might mean everything all at once.


3. Power off before bed

Do you turn off your electronics long before bedtime? I’d love to hear your advice! I’m still working on this one, but it works when it works. When I manage to turn off all devices at least thirty minutes before bed, I sleep through the night. I wake up more refreshed, and I don’t feel like I lost time to mindless scrolling.

The same practice works well in the mornings. Social media brings people together. It inspires and connects, but it can also be a distraction from our own thoughts and feelings. Try giving yourself space before starting your scroll. Create before you consume.

My life quite literally revolves around electronics, so I would say this practice is pretty high in my list of positive habits I want to form (and keep!). All advice would be appreciated! Do you know any apps, bells, and whistles?


4. Make movement mandatory

I’ve practiced yoga for almost 6 years now, but I typically move in waves. Sometimes work overwhelms my calendar and a couple weeks pass before I unroll my mat. My back aches and my mind feels fuzzy with the lack of consistent movement in the downturns.

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Over the last couple months, I’ve started scheduling yoga into my calendar as I would an important meeting. This simple switch has helped me practice prioritizing time for myself.

Your workout might look a little different than mine, but try the scheduling trick. I highlight mine with a bright colour, so it stands out in my days, typically as an end point. If my to-do list isn’t finished by the time I need to leave for class, then work just has to wait.


5. (Actionable) goal setting

I love to set goals. I love to make lists. I have lists of my lists, so it only makes sense that I have lists of my goals too!

I focus on weekly and monthly goals. At the beginning of the year I broke down major goals into pieces to complete each month. At the end of each month, I revisit these goals, adjusting where appropriate. Either Friday afternoon or Sunday morning I write out my list of tasks to complete that week. I block off the time I think I will need in my calendar, and colour coordinate based on the task. This way I start each week and month with a clear vision of what’s coming next.

How will we achieve the loftier ones we set for ourselves on January 1st without creating stepping stones that lead to our ultimate success?


What do you think?

These are simply suggestions. I’ve either tried them myself with success or are working towards adopting better habits that show promise. What works for me might not work for you, but I always say that we’re a little better together. I share my experiences with high hopes that you will share yours as well.

What do you do to add a little mindfulness to your life? Let me know in the comments below!

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