Prairie View Trail

Practicing accountability and a new favourite hike

What I learned from an afternoon in the hills

Last weekend we hiked a new trail and were (more than) pleasantly surprised by the view. Something about sore legs after the first day out on the trails just makes me feel so accomplished!

I’m writing this a couple days later, muscles still stiff and soul itching to get back out to the hills.

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Some of you probably also saw my recent Instagram post about regret and capturing memories.

"My only regret would be not writing more details down and taking more photos sooner. I’ve learned our minds don’t work as well as we think the do, and—like I’ve said before—I’ve lived so many lives already. I’d hate to forget what any one of those times felt like. How can we be better if we don’t know where we’ve been?"

That thought was inspired by this hike, which inspired this short and sweet post for you. I realized that recording more of my story doesn’t have to include a full-length blog. It can be short. It can be mostly photos. I can be tired while I write after a long day of work. Thoughts on a page.

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For this specific afternoon and this hike, I think it’s safe to assume that the photos are enough. Accountability is the goal. I want to be true to you and true to myself, and I’ve promised myself to write more and capture more. Through everything I share, I hope to lead by example. I hope you feel inspired to practice a similar self-reflection and self-care by recording the moments that mean the most to you—even if they are the quiet ones.

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Taking time to reflect and learn and leaving space to grow is quite possibly one of the best things I've ever done for myself. I've seen so many places and lived so many lives—and there's still so many places to go.

And in my world, there is always a lesson. If you want the thing, go get it. Do it. Start it. Believe in it. Remove what doesn't serve you and take responsibility for your actions. You can be the kind of human you dream of being with just a little drive, accountability, and imagination. Your wildest dreams are possible if you choose to make them real.

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Really living is a choice. Happiness is a perspective. The universe has your back. What are you waiting for? Let's chat.

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