Overcoming the Sunday Scaries

A Sunday well spent

brings a week of content

And for me, that doesn’t just include binge-watching Netflix to distract from Monday morning’s responsibilities.

The Sunday Scaries. Thankfully I don’t have this problem anymore. Although the Sunday Scaries are a thing of my past, preparing for the week ahead is still a regular practice of mine. The difference is my Sundays are more focused on refreshing and organizing rather than dreading Monday’s alarm.

Every Sunday I try to dedicate some time to prepare for the upcoming week. I prioritize tasks that don’t feel like work, because Sundays have always been our day off together. Just doing these little tasks make Monday, Tuesday, through to Friday feel a lot more organized.

Here’s a few actionable tips to help you prepare for a new work week.

1.       Run errands

I like to tackle errands as soon as the stores open on Sunday mornings. All lanes are open at the grocery store, but no one else is out of bed. When we realized how empty the stores are at this time, our lives changed forever. Really. I promise you, the lack of stress is worth the early rise! There’s nothing better than quiet streets and an empty parking lot.

Plus, errands are typically tedious tasks that we push off to the last possible moment, so crossing them off early feels good—and it’s not even noon.

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2.       Move

Errands are complete. Next up on my Sunday schedule is usually a hot yoga class. If it’s nice out, we’ll take our pup for a long walk in the park. Sometimes we drive out to the mountains for a day wandering the trails. I’m sure by now you know that exercise improves mindset, productivity, concentration—all those good things you want to have on Monday morning.

3.       Send that email

I know—this is sort of work. I like to cross tasks like email connections off my list on Sundays because even emails feel a little less daunting when you don’t have anywhere to be! A comfy spot on the couch, a cup of coffee, and a few things checked off my list in one go!


4.       Tidy up

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I don’t know about you, but my house is typically a bit messier after the weekend. Either we’ve made a mess by staying in our PJs all weekend, baking treats and snacking on the couch. Or, we arrive home from an adventure on Sunday night and there are piles of laundry to do before the week starts. I typically do a more in-depth clean on Fridays, but I like to tidy the weekend leftovers on Sunday, so my week begins stress-free.

I think this is especially beneficial for anyone who works from home like I do! Does anyone like working in a messy office? I’m convinced that clutter is bad for productivity. If our house is messy on Monday, I catch myself vacuuming instead of sitting down for client work during regular work hours.

5.       Create your weekly calendar

I’m a planner. I plan my weekdays (okay and weekends) down to the minute. I use Google Calendars, so it syncs directly to my phone. Meetings and phone calls prompt me with reminders, but I tend to have my calendar open in the background as a tool to stay on track.

Planning out my week helps me clear my mind. Instead of having a to-do list rolling as I’m trying to sleep on Sunday night, I rest with a clear mind and know exactly where to begin when my alarm clock rings. Each evening before clocking out for the day, I review the following day’s to-do list and make adjustments as necessary.

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6.       Give yourself time to relax

The fun part! Sundays are for doing things that I don’t normally have time to do. For example, I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and read my book. Pick up some pencils. Write for the sake of writing rather than for an audience. Okay, okay—I like to watch a bit of reality TV sometimes too.

7.       Think positive

You are what you think. My perspective on a lot of things shifted when I realized just how true these words are. If you think you hate your job, your boss, every challenge you face, things will be difficult. If you enjoy your weekend and are mindful of your thoughts, you will likely see a shift.


Happy Sunday!

I know how fortunate I am to love my work. So many people feel the Sunday Scaries every week, 52 weeks a year. I hope that if the stress is something you’re working with right now, these tips help you feel a little bit better about Monday morning’s commute to work.

Which side are you on? Do you follow a similar Sunday routine? I’d love to know how others prepare for a new week!

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