How I grew my business by setting intentions

Setting intentions in your business

Who else believes in the power of putting their goals to paper?

Vision boards, setting intentions, manifesting, goal setting—whatever you want to call it—it works.

I used to think that “setting an intention” in yoga class was a little too woo-woo for me. I’d practiced for a couple years at this point, but still lived far from anything resembling a spiritual side. I lacked direction and self-awareness. Goals? What are those? Floating sounds good to me.

Something shifted though. I started getting serious about freelancing. I learned that intentions offer guidance outside of a yoga mat. I realized that what I do for a living was a viable business opportunity. Wild dreams transformed into actual goals.

Goals and intentions

For me, intentions are simply a difference in semantics from goals. Intentions, by definition, are “a thing intended; an aim or a plan.” Intentions eliminate the pressure of goal setting and instead guide my daily activities. I aim to act intentionally each day, in alignment with the goals I’ve set at the beginning of the year and each month.

The difference is in the lack of failure with intentions. If I don’t reach these goals, it’s okay. I can revisit my intentions in a few weeks.

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Intentions build self-awareness

Acting in alignment with a larger plan breeds self-awareness like I’ve never felt before. A friend once told me I need to do a little soul searching, which sounded weird and intimidating and definitely not possible at the time.

Now I know she just meant I should take time to reflect, dig deep into my dreams to lay out a plan to get there. What once felt awkward—maybe even terrifying—now feels calm.

Grow your business with strong intentions

So, now to the good stuff. We all want to know the trick, right? They key to success?

For me, that was setting strong intentions. At the beginning of 2018 I wrote clear goals for my business. I separated each of these into monthly milestones. Although I haven’t hit all my goals, I have covered quite a few in the last few months. I credit this growth to self-awareness.

I created processes.

I got intentional with every hour in my day.

I learned to plan a little better.

“I wish” and “one day” became “I am.”

I got intentional with my target market, mission, vision, and values.

I up levelled my clientele to better suit the services I offer.

All this came from writing what I want to achieve in the next few days, weeks, and months. I think something magic happens when you dedicate time to put pen to paper. Even more magic slips in when you map out your path to get where you want to go.

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Intentions strengthened my relationships

Relationships with clients, my community, and those closest to me are stronger than ever and I think it’s because of my newfound self-awareness.

I found this community—all of you guys—in just the last year. Instead of fearing others thoughts, opinions, and potential competition, I think of you all as friends. I am my only competition.

My relationship with myself and my business is better too. Although I think anxiety will always hold a place in a creative entrepreneur’s mind, it’s fewer and farther between with clear plans in place.

I think that viewing yourself as your competition is healthy. All I want to be is a little better than yesterday. A little smarter. A little wiser. A little kinder. And to get there, I know that I am my only competition. I think that’s a good thing, you know?

To summarize, something I know—write it all down. Your dreams and your plans to get there. If you practice this regularly, you and your business will grow.

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