A photo story of Kelowna

I swear—every where I go, I leave a piece of my heart.

Something about seeing new places, feeling the fresh air of a different town, flips me inside out and back again, taking a parting gift for itself when I leave.

Kelowna did that. Kelowna is my favourite things rolled into one: mountains, lakes, and wine.

Kelowna wine tour photo by Jill.jpg

We visited Mission Hill winery, but didn't have a chance to drink because—despite this photo—it was quite busy inside. The beautiful views were enough for us before moving on to the next stop.

Kelowna hills.jpg
Kelowna wine tour.jpg
Kelowna wine tour Jill.jpg

Quail's Gate was my favourite winery on the tour. We love their wine so much that we saved the bottles we brought home "for a special occasion." When we drank it, it tasted like the Okanagan felt that day at the end of May.

Kelowna winery tour.jpg

Our tour guide told us that a doctor in the area flies his float plan to work across the lake. Nobody can complain about a commute like that!

And who wouldn't want to live in these hills?