On mediocrity

Striving for more than mediocre

As a self-diagnosed perfectionist, I convinced myself for a few years that good enough was good enough. 

It's not.

I used to be okay with mediocrity, but lately I've found myself craving more. I'm still a perfectionist. I've accepted that I'm also often crippled by fear. The two together melt into kryptonite so strong that I won't start something unless I am 100 percent positive I will succeed.

It might be easier to stop at good enough, but half-way there is not an option if I'm being honest with myself.

In a world where there are so many inspiring people to look to for direction, the fear of failure is paralyzing.

How will I measure up to the competition?

Will people laugh if I fall?

What if I can't stand up again?

Twirling in Banff.jpg

Good enough is not good enough. I knew this deep down all along, but it took me until quite literally this month to realize fully and accept. I remembered what I am capable of. The combination of the fresh start of a new year, and squeezing my feet into my skates after six years of avoiding the ice added gas to the fire I had tried to stifle. But it's lit now. And that's a good thing.

To all of you struggling with fear of failure in your own pursuit of happiness, accept it and grow beyond it. I promise the grass really is greener because the sun shines a whole lot brighter over here.