The importance of consistency when building your brand

Why do you need to be consistent when building your brand?

The simple answer: buying is an emotional action

As humans, we value connections. We don't buy for logical reasons, but because of emotions. We buy because of shared values, connections, inspiration, jealousy, desire—almost everything except for logic.

It's for that reason that brands need to focus on creating connections with their customers. They need to make it clear how a potential customer will benefit from becoming a loyal customer. The only way to build this strong connection is through consistency.

Think of your personal relationships. They were likely all founded on consistent engagement. Your intentions to be friends are likely clear, and now you interact confident with your relationship. Similarly, your branding needs to be clear, concise, and confident across all channels. This builds trust.

What is brand consistency?

Brand consistency is maintaining a cohesive presence. It's the voice and image of your business.

Think aesthetics. What mood does your content elicit? Is your voice consistent across all platforms? Are you brand colours clearly recognizable? Cohesive branding will help your audience identify you. They will remember you. They will trust you and refer you to their friends. They will buy time and again because they know what to expect.

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How to be more consistent in your business

1. Define consistency for yourself

The trick here is, although I can tell you all about the importance of consistency, you have to ultimately define consistency for yourself.

Consistent looks different for everyone when creating an online presence. A few factors are at play. What is your business? What is the nature of it? Does your audience need you to show up every day or every week? Once each week, or three times? Create an outline of the voice and image of your business, and a schedule your content will follow.

Consistency between your content is another challenge to overcome. What do you have to say? People want to know what to expect from you at first glance. Define your message. Make it obvious. You are the expert sharing your wealth of knowledge in a niche area. Of course, cover topics that interest you, but try to contain yourself to a clear realm of expertise.

2. Make a schedule

Humans are habitual creatures. Make a schedule and try to stick to it. Write it down. Integrate it into your daily routine like any other part of work. If you write it down you will be more accountable for your actions. After a while, content creation will become habit.

To save time, I often plan out my content in advance. Blog posts could be saved as drafts for weeks before I click publish. This way I am able to consistently offer new, valuable content to my readers without scrambling to stay on track!

3. Execute and re-evaluate

Although it's crucial to be consistent with your content, it is also good practice to re-visit your brand's direction. What works and doesn't work? What content does your audience love, and what performs sub-par?

I hope these tips give small business owners a sense of direction when it comes to consistency.

Now I want to hear from you! Is there something I missed? Do you have any tips for maintaining consistency in your brand? What do you struggle with? Where do you hope to improve? Let me know in the comments!


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