How to write a homepage that interests readers

How to write copy for your homepage

Convert browsers to buyers

Next up on your to-do list: Write a homepage for your website that transforms curious browsers to potential clients leaving messages in your inbox.

How though?

This is sort of a trick question.

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Most people think that writing their "about us" page is the hardest task to tackle. It's difficult to write about yourself—right? It's even more challenging to summarize what you offer in a space as small as a homepage.

How do you condense all of your products, services, or skills to a summary that is both informative and interesting? Quick and snappy, yet all encompassing?

The art of copywriting

As Joanna Wiebe tells her audience time and again on her podcast, writing copy that converts is a combination of art and science. She teaches the "rule of one." That means writing each landing page on your website for 1 reader, using 1 message, including 1 offer and 1 promise.

With a homepage, however, this rule is impossible to follow. It's impossible to know what stage of the buying process that your homepage reader is at. Did they accidentally stumble across you, or are they searching for someone like you? Maybe they are familiar with your work and nearly ready to buy.

The key to writing a kick-ass homepage that keeps clients clicking through to your contact information is to swiftly direct them to your product and services landing pages instead. You don't want them to stay on your homepage. That's the trick.

1. Introduce yourself to your ideal client.

Who are you? What problem do you solve for your ideal client? Why are you the best person for the job?

2. Show them where to learn more about your product/service.

Think of your homepage as your business directory. Your virtual receptionist. Identify where your reader is at in the buying process, and direct them to the corresponding solution.

Pro tip: Keep it brief.

Your homepage is not the place for your life's story. When written well, your homepage will show your readers to the corresponding landing pages that outline exactly how you can solve their problems.

At the same time, homepage copy should be authentic to your brand. Keep your voice consistent. In terms of visuals, include photos that your clients can recognize as yours.

As always, I'm here if you would like to chat!

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