Reflections + plans (one month later)

A reflection of 01/2018

I've got plans...

On the morning of December 31, I set goals just like so many others. I wrote down weekly, monthly, and yearly goals for my personal development. But I didn't leave it as sweeping promises to be better. I also made individual action plans to reach each goal.

I have plans for 2018. I'm already well on my way for some. One was to revamp my blog, which I've completed if you're reading this!

Monday morning full res.jpg

I'll be honest...

This post is more for me than for you. In an attempt to hold myself accountable, I plan to write a short reflection at the end of each month. I'm starting to understand the power of writing down your thoughts. If you want something, write it down. Accountability is the fuel that flames need to burn. And I want to burn bright some day.

I hope that others can find some sort of inspiration in my honesty, and maybe take a second to reflect on their own lives. I don't know everything, but I do know that through sharing experiences we become better, more patient, more compassionate versions of ourselves.

What's working, what's missing, where can I grow?

As I get older I realize how much of my wants and needs revolve around time. Time passes so quickly when it's wasted. I'm hoping that a little bit of accountability will help me make the most of each quiet moment.

If I manage to inspire anyone feeling the same along the way, then my writing has fulfilled its duties.

A quick reflection...

A lot of things are working right now. A lot is going according to plan, and a lot is going even better than expected. Despite my successes in January 2018, I believe there is always room to be better. A better person to others, and more loving of yourself.

Where I can grow...

down by the river Nate photo.jpg
  • Allow time for coffee breaks—often.
  • Unplug for at least a few hours on weekends.
  • Continue to practice self-care with regular workouts and limiting bad habits.
  • Practice efficiency. Turn off email notifications and tackle them in single sweeps.
  • Read all the books that have been collecting dust on my shelf.
  • Continue to replace late Friday nights in the city for early Saturday mornings in the mountains.
  • Waste less: food, time, energy. Cut out what doesn't serve you.

The last one is my most challenging struggle. I've realized that part of self-love includes eliminating the habits, things, and people in your life that stand in the way of your dreams. My dreams are big, but they're waiting for me to reach them.

All I'm doing is trying.


Let's practice accountability together! How is your year going? Let me know in the comments.