Who is Jill, anyway?

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Hi, I'm Jill

I am a London, Ontario, based creative copywriter, digital marketer, and consultant. You will find me glued to my keyboard, hiding with my nose in a book, or running around outside.

Before settling down in my hometown, I liked to move around a lot. I thought that the more I move, the more stories I could live to put to paper—or Word document, or website.

The thing is, stories grow from the quiet moments too.


Stories bring us together

No matter where I lived, my values were constant: a good connection and a creative life. I'm always trying to be a better person and I get a little closer to my goals each day.

Words by Jill is where I reflect on my life, work, and travels through a creative lens. It's where I get a bit personal because I believe sharing experiences is how we get a little closer to finding all the answers.


Here's my not-so-short story

I graduated from The University of Western Ontario with a Bachelor of Arts. I majored in English Language & Literature and minored in Philosophy. Basically, I read a lot of books and wrote a lot of essays. All that practice comes in handy these days.

After graduating, I spent some time living, eating, and writing in Montreal, Quebec. I found a characteristic apartment in the Mile End. I loved its slightly slanted wood floors, and how the morning sun spilled through the oversized windows onto my desk.

The next city on my wish-list was Calgary, Alberta. The mountains were calling, and I can't resist the beginnings of a great cliché. I discovered the enormity of the Rockies, wrote a lot more, and furthered my education in my spare time. I received a Professional Writing Certificate specializing in Public Relations and Marketing from the University of Calgary.

In Calgary, my days began early in the morning with hot coffee and a mountain view enjoyed from my desk. I adopted a personal assistant (also known as a puppy named Champ) who keeps my feet warm while I draft delicious documents for all of you to ooh and aah over.

Recently, I swapped mountain views for the blue-green hues of Ontario's lake country. Weekdays are inspired by weekends spent on the beach, between the trees, or in the backyard with friends and family.


I believe in work-life integration

While the view from my desk sometimes changes, my work is always similar. I help creative businesses tell stories that connect with their clients through their social media channels, website copy, and marketing strategy. I help others identify their brand voice and message, and find the audience to share it with.

I work with people from all corners of the globe both as a creative copywriter and as a consultant. I love to help others find their voice.


What's your story?

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